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2 mil (50 micron) Aluminum Foil Tape

A high strength aluminum foil coated with special cold weather acrylic adhesive system that combines quick stick at normal temperatures with low temperature performance at freezing (32°F / 0°C).The foil conforms well to both fibrous and sheet metal ducts, providing an excellent vapor seal. The malleable foil also conforms well around corners and to irregular surfaces. 

Application: Improved vapor sealing of fiberglass ductboard, ductwrap and FSK systems


  • Thickness: 3.5 mils
  • Adhesion:
    • Peel (PSTC #1) 96 oz/inch width
    • Shear (PSTC #7) Indefinite at 2.2 psi
  • Tensile: (PSTC #31) 27 lbs/inch width
  • Elongation: (PSTC #31) 4.4%
  • Temperature Resistance: -35º to 260º F
  • Minimum Application Temperature: -25º F
  • U.L. File Number: R I 0984
  • Flame Spread: 5
  • Smoke Developed: 10


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