GLT Products Asbestos Abatement
  • Foster 32-21 Protektor Sealant

    Foster® 32-21™ Protektor® Sealant is a single-component, penetrating encapsulation coating for abating asbestos fiber fallout (retention method).

  • Foster 32-32 Bridging Encapsulant

    Foster® 32-32™ Bridging Encapsulant is a pigmented single component, water-based elastomeric product for use over interior fibrous and cementitious types of asbestos containing materials.

  • Foster 32-60 Asbestos Removal Encapsulant

    Foster® 32-60™ (blue) Asbestos Removal Encapsulant is a polymeric, water-based coating.

  • Foster 32-61 Asbestos Removal Encapsulant

    Foster® 32-61™ (clear) Asbestos Removal Encapsulant is a polymeric, water-based coating. It penetrates and “wets-out" all types of asbestos quickly and thoroughly, including amosite and crocidolite.

  • Foster 32-80 Bridging Encapsulant

    Foster® 32-80™ Bridging Mastic is a quality, dual purpose coating designed specifically for the asbestos abatement industry.

  • Foster 32-90 Asbestos Removal Surfactant

    Foster® 32-90™ Asbestos Removal Surfactant is a specially formulated, concentrated surfactant capable of penetrating and “wetting out" all types of asbestos quickly and thoroughly.

  • Foster Chil-Abate CP-210 Encapsulant/Sealer

    Foster® Chil-Abate™ CP-210 Encapsulant/Sealer is a multi purpose, silicate-based low viscosity spray applied wetting agent, and high temperature penetrating encapsulant and lock down sealer designed for application onto all forms of asbestos.

  • Foster Chil-Abate CP-211-3 Encasement/Encapsulant

    Foster® Chil-Bridge™ CP-211 Encasement/Encapsulant is a polymeric, water-based coating used to protect and isolate asbestos-containing materials (ACM).

  • Foster Chil-Abate CP-240 Asbestos Removal Sealer

    Foster® Chil-Lock™ CP-240 Asbestos Removal Sealer is an economic, fire retardant, polymeric water-based asbestos removal agent and post removal sealer.

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