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CP-10 (Trowel Grade), CP-11 (Spray/Brush) Vi-Cryl® Coatings

Product Description:

VI-CRYL® CP-10/11 weather barrier coating is a tough, durable, and fire-resistive water based mastic for most types of thermal insulation and finishing and insulating cements. It is very thixotropic - it looks heavy but spreads easily. It is available in a variety of standard and special fade-resistant colors. It is outdoor rated and U.V. resistant.


  • Color Options: White, metallic gray, black. 
  • Wet Weight: 11.4 lbs./U.S. gal. (1.37 kg/liter)
  • Average Non-Volatile: 60% to 64% by volume (64% by weight)
  • Application Temperature Range: 40°F to 100°F (4°C to 38°C)
  • Drying Time: Touch - 2-4 hours, Through - 24-36 hours (Drying time will vary depending upon film thickness, temperature and humidity.)
  • Coverage: 6 U.S. gal./100 sq. ft. (2.4 l/sq.m) (Varies with substrate and membrane.)
  • Clean Up: Warm, soapy water (wet) xylol (dry)
  • Water Vaper Permeance ASTM E-96: Greater than 1.0 perm for 1/16 inch (0.16cm) dry film. (Procedure B)

 Other notable features:

  • Typical Use: Commercial and Industrial
  • Vapor Sealing Insulation Facing and Jacketing: Good
  • Fiberglass and Mineral Wool: Best
  • Rigid Insulation: Best
  • Polystyrene Coating: Best
  • Calcium Silicate: Best
  • Volatile Component: Water
  • Perm Rating: Greater than 1.0 Perm for 1/16" Dry Film (Breather)
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