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CP-34 Vapor Retarder Coating

Product Description:

CP-34 is a water based vapor retarder coating for use over many types of thermal insulation including polystyrene foam. It is ideal for use over ASJ, FRK and FSK jackets and board facings to give a vapor retarding seal at joints, laps and weld pin punctures.

CP-34 is formulated for indoor and outdoor commercial use. It has a mild latex “paint type" odor and is designed for use on pipes, vessels, ducts and equipment operating between 32°F (0°C) and ambient temperatures.
CP-34 has a WVTR rating in the range of other competitive water based vapor barrier coatings. For heavier duty commercial or industrial use select Childers CP-35.


  • Color: White 
  • Wet Weight: (ASTM D1475) 11.5 lbs. 1.38 kg/liter 
  • Average non-volatile: (ASTM D1644): 48% by volume (62% by weight)
  • Service Temperature Limits: (FSTM 70) (Temperature at coated surface.): -20°F to 180°F ( -29°C to 82°C) 
  • Drying Time: (23°C) 50% RH (ASTM D1640) To Touch–4 hours Through–24 hours

 Other Notable Features:

  • Typical Use: Commercial
  • Vapor Sealing Insulation Facing and Jacketing: Better
  • Fiberglass and Mineral Wool: Better
  • Polystyrene Coating: Good
  • Volatile Component: Water
  • Perm Rating: 0.08 Perms at 0.45" Film Thickness
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