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CP-35 Chil-Perm® WB Coating

CP-35 Chil-Perm® WB Coating is an effective, high performance, water based, vapor retarder coating designed for all interior and exterior, low temperature and some dual temperature applications.  It is fast drying and forms a tough, flexible dry film which retards the flow of vapor through an insulation system.  It looks heavy, but spreads easily.  It can be applied in a relatively heavy film or brushed out into a thin, smooth film.


  • Water based for personal and environmental safety.  
  • Fast drying contributes to maximum production rates.  
  • Creates a smooth finish even over rough substrates.  
  • Non-flammable - safe for transport, storage and usage.  
  • Resistant to many acids and alkalis for a long service life.  
  • Quick and efficient clean-up of tools and metal with warm water before coating completely dries.
  • Outdoor rated and U.V. resistant.

 Other notable features:

  • Typical use: Commercial and industrial
  • Vapor sealing insulation facing and jacketing: Best
  • Fiberglass and mineral wool: Best
  • Rigid Insulation: Better
  • Polystyrene coating: Best
  • Volatile component: Water
  • Perm rating: 0.08 perms at 0.55" film thickness
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