Fabricated Pipe Insulation

GLT Products fabricates Pipe Insulation and fittings for both above ground and below ground applications depending on your temperature need.  We can custom fabricate pipe insulation from materials such as  Polystyrene, Foamglas®, Polyisio and mineral wool. A number of facing options are also available such as ASJ and FSK.

  • TPSX-12 Calcium Silicate is a water-resistant insulation manufactured for high temperature industrial and manufacturing applications and engineered to...
  • v-groove fabricated insulation

    V-Grooved stone wool insulation products are sold under the GreatROC® brand and employ advanced manufacturing technology to ensure consistent quality and ease of application.  Manufactured from Stone Wool, V-Grooved custom fabricated solutions are available for pipes and tanks.

  • Extruded Polystyrene Fabricated Pipe Insulation

    FOAMULAR is ideal for below grade applications. Extruded polystyrene (XPS) is resistant to degradation from material common to most soils and will retain its insulating performance characteristics even after prolonged exposure to moisture.

  • FOAMGLAS® Fabricated Pipe Insulation

    Cellglass has a high temperature limit, high compressive strength, and high solvent resistance. Its common applications include condensation control and hot piping. 

  • Mineral Wool Fabricated Pipe Insulation

    Mineral Wool Fabricated Pipe Insulation from GLT Products is water repellent yet vapor permeable. It is fabricated from felted mineral wool bonded with a high temperature binder.

  • Phenolic foam insulation is a closed-cell rigid phenolic foam insulation, fabricated in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet your exact specifications.

  • Polyisocyanurate Fabricated Pipe Insulation

    GLT Products manufactures and fabricates Polyisocyanurate Pipe Insulation based on your needs. It offers a greater dimensional stability than polyurethane foam.

  • SARAN™ 540-CX Vapor Retarder Film

    SARAN 540-CX Vapor Retarder Film is supplied either factory applied on straight lengths of TRYMER* or XPS PIB insulation or in easy-to-use rolls for field application.

  • SARAN™ 560-CX Vapor Retarder Film

    SARAN™ 560-CX Vapor Retarder Film is composed of a film of the barrier polymer polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC) coextruded with other specialty polymers that provide strength and support.

  • VentureClad 5-Ply Laminated Foil / Film Facing

    VentureClad™ 1577 Series Insulation Jacketing System is a zero permeability, a self-adhesive jacket that delivers significant advantages over competitive cladding and traditional jacketing techniques. Designed with Mechanical Engineers, Architects and Contractors in mind, this insulation weatherproofing system exceeds most building code requirements and installs quickly and easily on an insulated pipe or duct.

  • Hydrocal B-11

    Hydrocal® B-11 is a reactive gypsum product that is mixed with water to form an inorganic, noncombustible adhesive or coating for fabricating, bore coating, or forming HT reinforced FOAMGLAS® insulation shapes.

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