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Fiberglass Cloth with SS Wire Inserts

Fiberglass Cloth with SS Wire Inserts - A woven thermoglass medium-weight plain fabric with inserted stainless steel (T304) wire for added tensile strength. Applications for this fabric include use as a hot-side insulation fabric, flange and valve covers, weld curtains and stress relief blankets. The material is resistant to chemicals and offers good heat and flame protection in service applications up to 1,000°F.


  • Nominal Width 40”
  • Nominal Weight 32 oz
  • Nominal Thickness: 0.070”
  • Base Cloth Temperature Resistance 1000°F
  • Content: Warp: 100% Fiberglass Yarns
  • Fill: Stainless Steel Wire (T304) Plied With Fiberglass Yarns
  • Weave can be one-directional (stainless is only inserted in warp yarn) or two-directional (stainless is inserted in both warp yarn and weft yarn)
  • Count Warp: 10
  • Fill: 8
  • Material should be tested for its suitability in any application. Users should also familiarize themselves with the SDS before handling.


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