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Foster 30-36 Sealfas Coating

Foster® 30-36™ Sealfas® Coating is a white, fire resistive, tough, washable, abrasion resistant indoor coating for thermal insulation. It is also used as a lagging and lap adhesive for canvas and glass lagging cloth. It has excellent brushing characteristics which will result in better coverage and more uniformly coated surfaces. It presents a neat white finish, and will not yellow or become discolored with age. The surface can be washed free of grease, oil, soot, and other dirt accumulation.


  • A protective finish for insulation on air conditioning ducts and cold water piping when applied in 2 coats with reinforcing fabric embedded between coats. 
  • When relative humidity exceeds 75% for continuous periods, or where the insulated piping or equipment contains chilled water, brine or refrigerant, additional vapor barrier protection is suggested.
  • Compatible with polystyrene and polyurethane foam insulations.
  • Conforms with current requirements regarding use in meat and poultry processing areas under federal inspection. Letter of certification is available upon request.
  • Meets the requirements of Military Specification MIL-A-3316C Class 1, Grade A, and is listed on the Q.P.L.
  • Approved by the U.S. Coast Guard under 164.012 and 164.112 (SOLAS/IMO approval).
  • Produced under the classification and follow-up service of Underwriter’s Laboratories, Inc. and meets NFPA 90A and 90B 25/50 requirements.
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