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Foster 30-80AF Vapor-Safe Coating AF

Foster® 30-80AF™ Vapor-Safe® Coating AF is a water-based, fire resistive, flexible, high solids vapor barrier finish for most types of thermal insulation, including polystyrene foam. It may be used over dry concrete, finishing cement, and most metals.


  • Water resistance and low water vapor permeance normally found in only solvent based products. 
  • Can be used in high humidity environments, and greatly retards water vapor permeation. 
  • Non-flammable in the wet state.
  • Formulated for both indoor and light duty commercial outdoor use. 
  • U.V. resistant. 
  • Mild latex “paint type” odor
  • Designed for use on pipes, vessels, ducts, and equipment operating below ambient temperatures.
  • Ideal for vapor sealing ASJ, FRK, and FSK jackets and board facings at joints, laps and over staple and weld pin punctures. 
  • Excellent duct board closure sealant. 
  • Do not exceed 1/8” (3.2mm) wet film thickness.
  • No asbestos, lead, mercury, or mercury compounds.


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