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Foster 32-14 High Velocity Duct Sealant

Foster® 32-14™ High Velocity Duct Sealant is a fast setting, elastomeric compound designed as a joint sealant for high velocity air-conditioning ducts installed indoors. It may be used with or without reinforcing tapes. It has a mild “paint type" odor and applies cleanly without stringing. Mechanical fasteners of the type and number normally used for duct assemblies are required to provide rigidity to the duct system.


  • Used to seal gaskets where flexibility is required. 
  • Can be used to adhere duct fabrics and flexible tubing runouts to high velocity ducts and to mixing boxes or air diffuser heads.
  • Meets NFPA 90A & 90B 25/50 requirements.
  • Produced under the classification and follow-up service of Underwriter’s Laboratories, Inc.
  • Meet all SMACNA pressure classes up to 10" w.g. and SMACNA seal classes A, B, and C on ducts constructed to SMACNA standards.
  • Meets requirements for LEED IEQ 4.1 Low-Emitting Materials, Adhesives and Sealants. Sealant – Other per SMACNA TRB #9-09. VOC: 408 g/l, less water and exempt solvents.
  • Contains no asbestos, lead, mercury, or mercury compounds.


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