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Foster 32-60 Asbestos Removal Encapsulant

Foster® 32-60™ (blue) Asbestos Removal Encapsulant is a polymeric, water-based coating. It penetrates and “wets out" all types of asbestos quickly and thoroughly, including amosite and crocidolite. As it penetrates through the ACM, it absorbs onto the individual fibers to lock them together, reducing the possibility of loose fibers from becoming airborne during the removal process.

Creating an aerosol atmosphere during its initial application allows the atomized material to attach itself to, and “wet-out”, pre-existing airborne fibers, providing improved air quality during the removal operation. These now weighted fibers collect on the containment structure. If allowed to dry they become adhered, reducing the possibility of reintroduction, and reducing the high cost of the labor-intensive final clean-up.

Asbestos Removal Encapsulant, when used full strength (undiluted), makes an excellent post-removal, residual encapsulant. Testing at Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., in conjunction with W. R. Grace Company’s Retro-Guard and Type 106, and Strong-Lite Products Corp. FP-2B, resulted in UL Classification of the system. See the UL Fire Resistance directory for complete information. 


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