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Foster 40-50 Mold Resistant Coating


•  A tough, water resistant coating for use in areas prone to the growth of mold. 

•  Specially formulated with select EPA registered antimicrobial agents to provide long-term protection against odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew growth on its surface. 

•  Ideal for use in attic spaces, wall cavities, crawl spaces, floor joists or wherever mold remediation has occurred. 

•  Can be used over a variety of surfaces such as wood studs, OSB, plywood, painted surfaces, wall board, masonry, and metal. 

•  Applied at a coverage rate of 300 sq ft/gallon for fast drying and low odor application. 

•  Its low viscosity and good body allows easy application with most airless spray equipment or by brush or roller. 

•  Water based formulation for non-hazardous application and use when applied according to instructions. 

•  Can be used for industrial, commercial, residential, hospital and school applications.


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