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Foster 65-05 Fire Resistive C.I. Mastic

Foster® 65-05™ (trowel) Fire Resistive C.I. Mastic™ is a tough, durable, high solids vapor barrier and weather coating for the protection of thermal insulation in outdoor service. Its excellent weather and fire resistance makes it suitable for use in place of conventional asphalt cutback mastic. It is an ideal surface coating for low temperature insulating applications where the insulation used is not affected by mild solvents.

FIRE RESISTIVE C.I. Mastic may also be used on heated lines, vessels and equipment in intermittent or dual temperature service to prevent the entrance of water vapor into the insulation during off periods or on cold cycles. 

FIRE RESISTIVE C.I. Mastic is produced under the classification and follow-up service of Underwriter's Laboratories, Inc.


  • Outdoor rated and U.V. resistant. 
  • Fire resistive.
  • No asbestos, lead, mercury, or mercury compounds.


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