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Foster 81-05 Attachment and Fabrication Adhesive

Foster® 81-05™ (blue) Attachment and Fabrication Adhesive is a quick setting, synthetic elastomer insulation adhesive. It has been designed for use in attaching low density (up to 3#) duct liner, fibrous glass insulation and facings. It uses a fast tacking flammable solvent system. It is commonly used for fabricating fibrous glass “wrap" type insulation.

81-05/06 ADHESIVE has full coverage spray characteristics with conventional or airless spray equipment with little tendency to cobweb. Its high solids and gel-like consistency make it ideal for vertical or overhead surfaces and for brush or roller application. 81-05/06 ADHESIVE can be spray applied to polystyrene foam insulation for bonding to itself and various substrates.

81-05/06 ADHESIVE meets ASTM C-916, Type IV (ASC-A-7001A, Type IV).

No asbestos, lead, mercury, or mercury compounds. 

For the most up-to-date SDS sheet, visit the manufacturer’s website: Foster Products


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