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Foster 85-75 Drion Contact Cement

Foster® 85-75™ Drion® Contact Cement is a fast setting, water resistant adhesive for sealing the laps of vapor barrier jackets. Also used for bonding materials to a variety of surface in applications where immediate adhesion and high initial adhesive strength are required. Especially suited for bonding two impermeable surfaces. Non-flammable chlorinated solvents eliminate explosion and fire hazards during application.


  • Must be applied to both surfaces, allowed to dry, and bonded with moderate uniform pressure. 
  • Gives strong immediate bond strength and allows bonding up to 1 hour after application.
  • Produced under the classification and follow-up service of Underwriter’s Laboratories, Inc.
  • No asbestos, lead, mercury, or mercury compounds. 

DRION CONTACT CEMENT may be applied at temperatures as low as 12°F (-11°C) and still develop excellent bond strength. At temperatures below 50°F (10°C), drying time will be slightly extended. DRION CONTACT CEMENT meets NFPA 90A & 90B 25/50 requirements.

Suggested Use:

  • Attachment: Best
  • Lap Sealing: Best

Insulation Type:

  • PIR/Polyurethane/Phenolic: Good
  • Rubber Foam: Best
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