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Foster 95-50 Flextra Sealant

Foster® 95-50™ Flextra® Sealant is a one-component, elastomer-based product used as a vapor barrier sealant in the joints of cellular glass and urethane foam board stock insulations. It remains soft and flexible, preventing damage to the insulation due to thermal cycling through a wide range of temperatures.

FLEXTRA Sealant is primarily used with low temperature insulation to prevent the migration of water and water vapor into the insulation system via butt joints. FLEXTRA Sealant is also recommended as a bedding compound for the installation of cellular glass insulation. In this application, it protects both the insulation from abrasion and metal surfaces from corrosion.


  • Supplied in a special “buttery” consistency, which facilitates application to insulation surfaces without stringing or excessive drag. 
  • May be applied at temperatures as low as 50°F (10°C) without difficulty.
  • No asbestos, lead, mercury, or mercury compounds. 


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