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Foster Chil-Abate CP-210 Encapsulant/Sealer

Foster® Chil-Abate™ CP-210 Encapsulant/Sealer is a multi purpose, silicate-based low viscosity spray applied wetting agent, and high temperature penetrating encapsulant and lock down sealer designed for application onto all forms of asbestos. It wets, encapsulates, and locks down asbestos fibers to the substrate.

CHIL-ABATE encapsulant/sealer performs multiple functions in negative air containment areas and glove bag removal processes. As a wetting agent and penetrating encapsulant, it wets, penetrates, and encapsulates asbestos containing materials (ACM) to permit safe, efficient removal and handling. As a high temperature, post-removal sealer, it securely adheres and seals residual asbestos fibers to the substrate. It identifies and designates those areas and objects, after post-removal, which are ready for refurbishing. It is also used in "misting" the containment area to reduce airborne asbestos fibers.

CHIL-ABATE encapsulant/sealer is used to encapsulate ACM prior to the application of a protective watertight mechanical abuse resistant bridging encapsulant, such as Chil-Bridge CP-211, when the encapsulated ACM is to remain in place temporarily or permanently.

CHIL-ABATE encapsulant/sealer is multi-functional. Only one product is needed to mist, wet, penetrate, remove and lock down ACM. It has little objectionable odor. Penetration into the ACM is both fast and deep which reduces material run-off and sets up the wetted ACM for faster removal.

No asbestos, lead, mercury, or mercury compounds.


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