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Insul-Jac™ Aluminum Elbow Covers

Insul-Jac™ Aluminum Elbow Covers are made in two precision formed matching halves and are sized to cover and weatherproof insulated 90° and 45° elbows along pipelines. They are manufactured from 1100 Aluminum alloy in .024" thickness.

A moisture barrier coating is applied to the interior for resistance to electrolytic degradation, and a clear coating is applied to the exterior for corrosion protection against the elements.

Insul-Jac™ Aluminum Elbow Covers are available to fit:

- 45º and 90º pipe elbows

- Long or short radius pipe elbows

- Insulated pipe and 1/2" to 12" NPS*

* Insul-Jac™ Aluminum Elbow Covers are available for some insulation thickness at NPC > 12". Not all combinations of NPS, insulation thickness, radius and elbow angle are available. Please consult your GLT Sales Rep for details.


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