• 3 mil (75 micron) Printed Flexible Duct Closure Tape

    A polypropylene film with an acrylic, cold weather adhesive that performs well in sub-zero or warm temperatures.

  • Carton Sealing Tape

    Carton Sealing Tape is an extremely thin, strong, clear polypropylene film tape with an exceptionally aggressive rubber based adhesive.

  • General Purpose Duct Tapes

    We have a variety of high strength, premium quality duct tapes that adhere well to sheet metal duct, and conform well to corners and irregular surfaces.

  • Nashua 324A Printed Foil Tape

    Nashua 324A Cold Weather Premium Foil Tape is a cold weather, premium grade, printed aluminum foil tape (with liner) used for HVAC applications. It is recommended for use on UL listed fiberglass duct board in accordance with manufacturer's installation instructions.

  • Nashua 365 Metallized Cloth Duct Tape

    Nashua 365 Metallized Cloth Duct Tape is a metallized polyethylene cloth tape coated with a natural rubber pressure sensitive adhesive system that conforms well to corners and irregular surfaces.

  • Polyethylene Reinforced Foil Tape

    Polyethylene Reinforced Foil Tape is a  tridirectionally reinforced, hand tearable, expanded polyethylene foil coated with acrylic adhesive that exhibits quick stick at high and low temperatures.

  • Strapping Tape

    Strapping Tape is a natural color polyester film backed tape, reinforced with continuous fiberglass yarn filaments. It has a very aggressive rubber/resin blend adhesive system and split resistant polyester backing.

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