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Pipe and Tank Insulation Wraps

Pipe and Tank Insulation wraps, also referred to as Lamella tank wraps are used extensively in industrial insulation applications to insulate horizontal/vertical tanks and vessels. GLT Products has a number of insulation options available to meet the needs of the industrial market no matter what the application. Our line of Pipe and Tank insulation wraps allow for the insulation of curved surfaces such as large pipes, cylindrical vessels, ducts, tanks and other round surfaces. 

GLT Products offers both Fiberglass and Mineral Wool Pipe and Tank Insulation in FSK and ASJ facings. This insulation is designed for piping over 8" IPS and curved surfaces.  Fiberglass is used to insulate cold and hot surfaces from -60ºF to 650ºF. Mineral Wool is generally used to insulate hot surfaces up to 1000ºF.

Our newest line of insulation, Radial Wrap™ is suitable for both hot and cold applications. Radial Wrap is available in 48" Widths and 1.5" and 2" thicknesses.

  • Enerwrap® MA 960
    ENERWRAP® MA 960 from ROCKWOOL is a rolled and faced mineral wool (Stone Wool) insulation wrap/mat. It is designed for high temperature industrial applications...
  • Fiberglass Pipe & Tank Insulation

    GLT Products Fiberglass Pipe & Tank Wrap is fabricated from a semi rigid fiberglass with segmented sections designed to insulate large piping (over 8" IPS) and curved surfaces.

  • Mineral Wool Pipe & Tank Insulation

    Mineral Wool Pipe and Tank Insulation is a semi-rigid mineral wool designed to insulate large piping (over 8" IPS), and other curved surfaces. 

  • Radial Wrap Rolled Fiberglass Insulation

    Radial Wrap™ rolled fiberglass insulation is a flexible rolled fiberglass insulation product that allows for installation on round surfaces in either hot or cold applications. 

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