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Polyurethane Foam Systems

Polyurethane foam systems kits from Handi foam are designed for use in commercial sealing, insulating, patching and filling applications. Portable and disposable, these two-component foam systems provide a quick, consistent flow of polyurethane foam that dries in less than one minute. For more detailed product information download the specification sheet.

Product Features:

  • Self contained units
  • Spray applied
  • Includes new anti-crossover gun
  • Pre-connected hoses for fast, easy set-up
  • Expands to fill smallest to largest gaps, cracks and holes, reducing air exchanges
  • Compatible with all fiber insulation systems including cellulose, fiberglass and rockwool
  • Reduces energy loss by as much as 40%

Available in:

  • II-205 Handi-Foam® 2-Component System (yields 205 board feet)
  • II-605 Handi-Foam® 2-Component System (yields 605 board feet)
  • II-22 Handi-Foam® Quick Cure (yields 22 board feet)


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