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Rewettable Fiberglass Cloth - Style 1989

Rewettable Fiberglass Cloth is manufactured from texturized yarns for maximum coverage and ease in application. The cloth is then combined with a completely inorganic fire retardant adhesive which is impregnated throughout the fabric. This rewettable fiberglass Cloth is ideal for use in repairing or covering insulation that has been damaged or has become friable on piping, tanks, vessels, boilers and breechings. Rewettable Fiberglass Cloth will retain a service temperature of 1000°F. The fabric has been specifically designed to contour around tees and elbows uniformly and evenly.

Application: After immersing in water, remove excess water (do not wring out). Apply directly to damaged insulation and smooth out wrinkles. After allowing approximately 4 to 8 hours to dry, coat with an approved paint, mastic or bridging compound.

Physical Specifications

  • Thread Count: 20 x 14 (+/-2)
  • Weight (oz./sq.yd.): 14.5 (+/-10%)
  • Thickness: .04 inches (+/-10%)
  • Tensile (warp/fill): 100/40
  • Weave: 2 end plain
  • Upper Temperature Limit: 1,000°F (538°C)
  • Available Sizes: 40” x 150’ (50 yrds/Roll) and 60” x 150’ 50 yrds/Roll)


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