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Silicone/Fiberglass Cloth – Style 775

Silicone/Fiberglass Cloth - style 775 is Impregnated with a specially formulated silicone rubber designed to meet the rigid requirements for use in nuclear reactors. This special high temperature, flame retardant silicone rubber provides greater life and improved resistance to abrasion, flexing, tear and puncture. This product is designed specifically for high temperature (500°F).


Weight:  34.0 ± 10%

Thickness:  0.037” ± .001”

Tensile Strength 
Method: FED STD 191/5102 
Warp:  275 lbs./in. avg. 
Fill:  250 lbs./in. avg. 

Tear Strength 
Method:  FED STD 191/5136 
Warp:  65# min. avg. 
Fill:  55# min. avg.

Base Fabric & Weave:  Fiberglass/Satin Weave

Color & Coating:  Silver Silicone

Burst Strength 
Method:  ASTM-D-774 
Result: 750 PSI min.

Flame Resistance 
Method:  FED STD 191/5903.2 
Flame out :  5 sec. max. 
Afterglow :  10 sec. max 
Char length :  1 in. max

Temperature Resistance -67°F to 500 °F. Meets Military  Specification MIL-Y-1140C.


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