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Stainless Steel Elbows Covers

Stainless Steel Elbow Covers are manufactured from two precision formed matching halves and are sized to cover and weatherproof insulated 90° and 45° elbows among pipelines. Engineered from Type-316 Stainless Steel in .016" thickness. They can be used on long and short radius, butt weld, socket weld, and screwed pipe elbows from 1/2" to 10" Iron Pipe Size, inclusive for a variety of industrial insulation projects.

Manufactured by ITW Insulation Systems, these stainless steel elbows are the closest fitting elbow insulation covers available from any source. They are designed to allow for a 7/16" circumferential overlap, and are manufactured to conform to ASTM C-450 Method of Fabrication and ASTM C-585 (table 7A) Outer Diameters of Insulation. Descriptive labels are affixed to the underside of the fittings identifying interchangeable sizes, rather than listing only one size. This information can help you save valuable inventory space and allows greater flexibility on the jobsite.

Recommended Use:
Stainless Insulation Elbow Covers should be used in areas of heavy mechanical abuse and where corrosion and high temperatures are factors.


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