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Vermiculite/Fiberglass Cloth

High temperature resistant fabrics woven from “E" glass fibers and coated with Vermiculite based film providing extended service temperatures up to 1500°F.

VERMICULITE, a naturally occurring, micaceous hydrated magnesium-aluminum-silicate product, is asbestos free and 100% inorganic. Microscopic, disc-shaped platelets within the VERMICULITE film overlap and stack. These platelets are embedded within the fabric’s fiber bundles. Coated on the surface, these platelets form an insulating film that acts as an effective flame/heat barrier.

Two fabric styles are offered: 18 oz. and 24 oz. Please download the data sheet for detailed specifications.

Testing has confirmed that VERMICULTE has a service temperature of 1500°F, compared to a service temperature of 1000°F for standard 2025/9383 (E-Glass). At temperatures in excess of 1000°F, the VERMICULITE finish insulates the glass and while the material will become brittle; the VERMICULITE will not melt or shrink at temperatures up to 1800°F and will continue to perform as an effective flame/heat barrier. Even under direct flame, these fabrics are odorless and virtually smokeless.


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