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Saving energy through efficient insulation systems not only provides significant cost savings to both commercial and industrial businesses but also has a positive impact on the environment. GLT Products is dedicated to supplying our customers with a wide array of industrial insulation products and solutions that cover the most demanding insulation applications.

As a manufacturer, distributor and fabricator, our products are used worldwide in mechanical, thermal and acoustical insulation projects. With over 2000+ products and accessories, think of GLT Products as your source for commercial and industrial insulation products.

Contact us for more information on how our products save energy today for a greener tomorrow or download a linecard of our total product offering.

Insulation Innovation Blog

Today we announced the addition of a new product to our Pipe and Tank Wrap product line, called Radial Wrap™. This product makes it easier to improve thermal insulation of round surfaces like large-diameter pipes, tanks and vessels. Radial Wrap™ features many of the same great properties as fiberglass board, but it's much more flexible, and therefore, easier to install. 

It features low thermal conductivity at a great price. Read the full press release here, and check out our online product catalog to order Radial Wrap™.

Insulation is a commonly overlooked factor in building design. While not the most glorified aspect of a factory, warehouse or industrial building, it is extremely important to keep the building intact and operating at peak capacity. Heat loss means lost revenue, literally, right out the window. And this is just one of many costs incurred by the insufficient application of industrial insulation.

Here’s a list of the most important advantages good insulation can provide for a business:

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