FlexClad 400 PowerBond Protective Sheet

FlexClad-400 is a patented, water and weather-resistant, pre-fabricated, self-adhering, sheet-type protective membrane. The top surface is UV-resistant embossed aluminum that reflects heat and can aid in reducing energy costs.

It is bonded to extremely tough, high-density polyethylene reinforcement material that is backed by a layer of aggressive, rubberized asphalt.

Available in four colors: aluminum, white, gray and tan. Self-sealing around punctures, pins, screws, flanges and banding, FlexClad-400 resists water leaks and vapor transmission, reflects sunlight to reduce interior temperature, and preserves the efficiency and integrity of thermal insulation.


  • Outperforms Metal Jacketing
  • Weatherproof & Water Resistance
  • UV-Stable
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor application
  • Quick and Easy Self-Stick Installation
  • Resists Vapor Transmissions
  • Reduces Energy Cost


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