Fiberglass Pipe & Tank Insulation

GLT Products Fiberglass Pipe & Tank Wrap is fabricated from semi-rigid fiberglass with segmented sections designed to insulate large piping (over 8" IPS) and curved surfaces. It is made with fibers perpendicular to the surface, and is available in ASJ or FSK  facings and is suitable for installation over hot, cold, concealed and exposed piping systems.

The orientation of the fibers gives the material the characteristics of a rigid board. Pipe and tank insulation is shipped in a rolled form. GLT Product Fiberglass Pipe & Tank wraps can be applied with staples, mastic, tape or mechanical fasteners. An added layer of protection can be achieved by adding metal jacketing which can be screwed or banded. The material comes in 36" widths and thicknesses from 1" to 4".

Pipe and Tank Insulation Options: 

Mineral Wool:
Used to insulate hot surfaces up to 1200ºF

Used to insulate cold and hot surfaces from -60ºF to 650ºF 

Standard Compliance:
Federal Spec HH-I-558B
ASTM C-612-93 (Board stock)
Federal Spec HH-B (Facing Only)
ASTM C-795-08

Radial Wrap™ Rolled Fiberglass Insulation:
Available in rolls 48” wide and thicknesses at 1½” and 2”. Suitable for applications up to 850ºF (454ºC). This product is one continuous roll.


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