Radial Wrap Rolled Fiberglass Insulation

Radial Wrap™ rolled fiberglass insulation is a flexible rolled fiberglass insulation product that allows for installation on round surfaces in either hot or cold applications. The product consists of bio- soluable glass fibers that are bonded with a thermosetting resin, oriented to provide excellent compressive strength plus flexibility. Radial Wrap™ is suitable for operating temperatures from 35ºF (1.7ºC) to 850ºF (454ºC). It is available with an ASJ or FSK facing.


• Available in rolls 48” in width and thicknesses at 1½” and 2”.

• Cost effective alternative for pre-formed pipe insulation for use on varying diameter pipes.

• The continuous blanket easily wraps tanks, vessels, and large diameter pipes along with irregular shaped objects without thermal efficiency lost.

• Low thermal conductivity compared to segmented products.

• Available with ASJ and FSK facing.

• Controls heat lost or gain

• Provides hot surface personnel protection

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