Aluminum Roll Jacketing

Aluminum Roll Jacketing is the premier protective outer surface covering for mechanical insulation systems including pipe, vessels, and equipment.  It protects the insulation and underlying pipe/vessel from physical damage, UV exposure, corrosive atmospheres, and water.

Aluminum Roll Jacketing is manufactured from alloys 3105 and 3003, conforming to ASTM B-209 designation, half-hard temper (H-14) and heavier gauges-hard (H-12 lock-forming quality). Commercially pure aluminum is relatively soft as structural material. Its strength can be greatly improved by alloying aluminum with small percentages of one or more other elements such as manganese, silicon, copper, magnesium, or zinc. Additional strength can be achieved by cold working, such as cold rolling.

Aluminum Roll Jacketing has a bare outer surface and comes standard with a 3 mil thick polyfilm moisture barrier. This barrier is heat-laminated to the interior surface to help prevent corrosion of the jacketing and the underlying metal pipe, vessel, or equipment.

Product options:
• Available in smooth or stucco finish
• Widths: 36" and 48"
• Thicknesses: .016", .020", .024", .032", .040"

Thickness Information:
- 016" (0.4mm): Considered the standard for industrial use and recommended on pipelines up to 24" O.D., which includes the insulation. Primarily used to protect piping, vessels, and tanks that are less than 8 feet in diameter.

- 020" (0.5mm): Applicable for insulation lines up to 36" O.D., including insulation. Primary use to protect towers, vessels, and tanks with a diameter greater than 8 feet.

- 024" (0.6mm): Heavier gauge roll jacketing where extra strength and protection is required.

- 032" (0.8mm): For areas where extra protection is required, or in custom fabrication of Box covers, tank heads, or heavy wear areas.



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